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The Bellville Turnverein Pavilion Restoration Project is a 501 (c)(3) charity  dedicated to restoring and preserving a true piece of Texas history. Click above to find out more about the history of the pavilion, our goals and aspirations, and how to help us with our cause.

PRESS RELEASE: August 17, 2019

The Bellville Turnverein Pavilion Restoration Project announced approval of Part B, Description of Rehabilitation, of their Texas Historic Preservation Tax Credit Application from the Texas Historical Commission.  The approval states that the planned work as described meets the US Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, a requirement for expenses to be eligible for historic tax credits.  The Commission had three minor conditions that have to be met that the Restoration Project says can easily be addressed.


The scope of work described in Part B included all the planned work except for air conditioning but does include replacing the hazardous natural gas heaters with electric strip heating.  The Restoration Project is continuing fundraising efforts and is hopeful additional funds can be raised in the following months to permit including AC.  Construction is scheduled to begin after the Austin County Fair.

Donations to the Bellville Turnverein Pavilion Restoration Project can be mailed to PO Box 67, Bellville, TX 77418 or can be made on the Project’s web site https://www.bellvilleturnvereinproject.org/.




The Bellville Turnverein Pavilion Restoration Project  (BTPRP) has engaged Gaeke Construction as contractor for the historic restoration of the Turnverein Pavilion.  David Bartay will be the Project Manager for Gaeke and will soon qualify subcontractors and solicit bids for needed services giving preference to local firms.  Construction is scheduled to commence after the Austin Country Fair this fall. 


At the contract signing: seated David Bartay, Vice President Gaeke Construction and BTPRP President, Tom Barron. Back row are BTPRP board members, John Grube, Maggie Yewens and Don Conrad.

How it all started...

In the late 1800’s Bellville had two organizations that sponsored community-wide social activities. In 1883 the Social Club purchased this 14.7 acres of land from Herman Miller for the sum of $760 and had planned construction of a pavilion that didn’t materialize. In 1885 the Bellville Turnverein Gut Heil was formed by German immigrants – encouraging gymnastics (turnen) and athletics, a club (verein) for good health (gut heil). With the need for a place for community-wide social activities including physical exercise, dances, celebrations and meetings, they purchased the property in 1895 from the Social Club. In August of 1897, a contract was let to German immigrant carpenter Joachim Hintz of Milheim to build a social hall. The hall, which seated up to 400 for dances, was completed in October of 1897 at a cost of $2,500.

Joachim Hintz

Learn about our goals, accomplishments, and whats to come for the beloved local pavilion. 

Our Mission

A skilled carpenter who came to Austin County from Germany in 1855 at the age of 14, Joachim Hintz left an indelible mark on Austin County.

As architect & builder of three of the “dance halls” that are part of our historic culture, he conceived the unique 12 & 8-sided halls built around a central pole, his trademark. A tribute to the design & fine carpentry is the fact that they

all are still in use today... each being over 100 years old.